Gun Talk
Tom Gresham's insight opens and educates the minds of people on all aspects of gun related issues.

Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael discuss not alienating folks on our side of the gun issue, regardless of their other political differences.....air guns.... DCRRP (the dumpster coon and rat reduction program). 

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Hour Three - Open Lines

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Hour Two - Guest Everett Deger, Walther Arms


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Hour One - Guest Joe Kalil, POST school program

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From the book "Grits On Guns," a column written by Grits Gresham and published in the December 1977 issue of Sports Afield magazine.  Tom introduces the subject of bullet performance, then reads what Grits wrote, and follows it with his thoughts on how the article holds up for today's hunters.

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Hour Three - Guests Chris Cerino-H&M, Kelly Bertog/Kalani Laker-Optics Planet, Kent Thomas-Crimson Trace.

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Hour Two - Guests John Snodgrass-Leupold, Tim Wegner and Kyle Thompson-Blade-Tech, Jim SHepherd-The Shooting Wire, Lanny & Tracy Barnes- 3-gun competitors.

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Hour One - On-Location @ Crimson Trace's 2014 Midnight 3-Gun Invitational in Bend, Oregon.

Guests Kent Thomas-Crimson Trace, Lindsay Sandor-Danner, Angelo Brewer-FLIR, and Matt Rice-Smith & Wesson.

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Tom reflects on his dad, Grits Gresham's, articles from the past. This is the first in a series.

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Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael discuss interstate reciprocity, safety gear, and proper fit PRIOR to gun purchasing.

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Hour Three - Guest Frank Fiamingo, New Jersey Second Amendment Society

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Hour Two - Guest Frank Miniter, Author "The Future of the Gun"


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Hour One - Guests Evan Nappen, Attorney; Alan Gottlieb, Second Amendment Foundation

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Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael discuss Long-Range rifle shooting and ammo, AR-15's, and Crisis Response Preparation.

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Hour Three - Open Lines

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Hour Two - Guest Drew Herbst, Springfield Armory

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Hour One - Guest Liam Dillon, Top Gun Supply

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Tom, Jim, and Michael discuss wing shooting mounts, .22 ammo availability, tortoises, and the recent successes of the pro-gun lawsuits.

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Hour Three - Guests Alan Gottlieb, SAF; Alan Gura, attorney


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Hour Two - Guests Leon Measures, Shoot Where You Look

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Hour One - Guests Pete Brownell, Brownells; Jeff Reh, Beretta

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Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael discuss .22 for self-defense, safe ammo for older 9mm's, 10mm's, Ruger Mini 14's, and guns of the future.

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Hour Three - Guests T Miller, Alien Gear Holsters

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Hour Two - Guests Tom Munson and Jeff Eby, Trijicon; David Codrea, Gun Blogger

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