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The Gun Talk After Show 02–07-2016

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss proper gun range etiquette, cowboy action shooting, trigger jobs, and respecting those pesky "No-Gun" signs......or, not.

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Guntalk 02-07-2016 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Steve Tarani

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Guntalk 02-07-2016 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Tom Givens, Rangemaster Firearms Training Services

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Guntalk 02-07-2016 Part A

Hour One - Guest Clint B. Monfort, Attorney

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The Gun Talk After Show 01-31-2016

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss concealed carry for women, the Ruger Precision rifle, patching family feuds, and Blue Guns.

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Guntalk 01-31-2016 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Jim Wallace, GOAL

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Guntalk 01-31-2016 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Mike Seeklander, American Warrior Society 


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Guntalk 01-31-2016 Part A

Hour One - Guest Brian Tatum, American Marksman

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Guntalk 01-24-2016 Part C

Hour Three - The SHOT Show from the Crimson Trace booth in Las Vegas, NV.

Guests: Mike Fifer - Ruger; Brian Hall - Cerakote; Kristi Drawe and Rod Taylor - Aguilla Ammunition; Bill Brassard - NSSF.

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Guntalk 01-24-2016 Part B

Hour Two - The SHOT Show from the Crimson Trace booth in Las Vegas, NV.

Guests: Andrew Wright - SureFire; Eddie Stevenson - Trijicon; Tom Taylor - Sig Sauer; Trent Cooper - CrossBreed Holsters; Rob Leatham - Springfield Armory.

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Guntalk 01-24-2016 Part A

Hour One - The SHOT Show from the Crimson Trace booth in Las Vegas, NV.

Guests: Kent Thomas - Crimson Trace; Chris and Michelle Cerino; Paul Spitale - Colt; Pete Brownell- Brownells; and Paul Pluff - Smith & Wesson.


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Guntalk 01-17-2016 Part C

Hour Three - Re-Broadcast of 05-10-15

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Guntalk 01-17-2016 Part B

Hour Two - Re-Broadcast of 05-10-15

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Guntalk 01-17-2016 Part A

Hour One - Re-Broadcast of 05–10-15

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The Gun Talk After Show 01-10-2016

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss Obama theatrics, proper guns for new, female shooters, Browning 1911-.380 range report.

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Guntalk 01-10-2016 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Denise Bixler, BixPros Training

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Guntalk 01-10-2016 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Rob Leatham, Springfield Armory

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Guntalk 01-10-2016 Part A

Hour One - Guest Steve Scalise, US Majority Whip

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Tom Gresham talks with the Second Amendment Foundation's Alan Gottlieb, and The CalGuns Foundation's Gene Hoffman, concerning the Executive Actions released by President Obama and the ATF.
White House release:

ATF Releases:

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The Gun Talk After Show 01-03-2016

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss sights, gun related injuries, and general tomfoolery.

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Guntalk 01-03-2016 Part C

Hour One - Guest Jim Shepherd, The Wires


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Guntalk 01-03-2016 Part B

Hour One - Guest Gene Hoffman, CalGuns Foundation

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Guntalk 01-03-2016 Part A

Hour One - Guest Phillip Van Cleave, Virginia Citizens Defense League

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Guntalk 12-27-2015 Part C

Hour Three - Re-Broadcast of 11-08-15 Guest John Barsness, Author

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